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Personalised Radio Jingles And Film Soundtracks 


With over twenty years in the jingle-making business for radio, TV and film, we can make you a custom, one-of-a-kind jingle for your project, advertisement or business.
We give free consultations, and work on your personalised radio jingles until you are fully satisfied with the result.

We also produce quality TV themes and film soundtracks.

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Personalised Radio Jingles For All Businesses.

Microphone used for personalised radio jingles and film soundtracks

We have produced personalised radio jingles for banks, small businesses, local shops, radio stations and large companies.

You might need a radio jingle for your advert or a TV promotion. Maybe even for an internet advertisement. Whatever you need a jingle for, feel free to get in touch, and we can produce a catchy radio jingle for you.



Specialising In Greek And Latino Themes.

Specialising in Greek and Latino Radio Jingles And Film Soundtracks

Traditional Greek and Latin music is our speciality, and we have even co-written and co-produced an album for the band “The Latin Touch” under Sony BMG.

But, we can produce personalised radio jingles and film soundtracks for all genres and tastes - no matter your product or business, we will create a unique sound that will stay with your customers.




 Professional Film Soundtracks.

You can explain to us the kind of soundtrack or introduction to a film that you need. Or you can send us a copy of your film for us to make a soundtrack to.
We will send it back to you as soon as its ready to check you are happy.

Our Soundtracks




 Personalised Radio Jingles For Businesses

Personalised Radio Jingles

Providing personalised radio jingles for any segment of your radio broadcast, we bring our experience working with major companies such as the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV to give you a professional, high-quality sound that suits your genre.

 Professionally Mixed Personalised Radio Jingles and film soundtracks

Professionally Mixed

We record with real instruments to the highest professional standard. Our years of recording experience, including working with Sony BMG to produce a Latin album means we are experts at recording and mixing your radio jingle to produce the best results.

 Different genres for Radio Jingles and film soundtracks

The Perfect Theme

We can record orchestral, documentary-style soundtracks as well as mainstream pop music soundtracks for our clients. We also specialise in Greek traditional music, and tailor the film soundtrack or TV theme to suit your project perfectly.



Over 20 Years Experience.
personalised radio jingles in the uk

As well as working with major broadcasting companies, Sony BMG, many radio shows and numerous film production companies, our music writing has also taken Cyprus to the Eurovision Song Contest Finals.

Services We Offer:
custom radio jingles in the uk


  • Radio Jingles
  • Film Soundtracks
  • TV Theme And Adverts
  • News And Documentary Music

Studio for Personalised Radio Jingles and film soundtracks




 Personalised Radio Jingles for all businesses

Hear Our Jingles.

Take a listen to our catchy, personalised radio jingles that we have produced for our satisfied clients. From TV adverts and radio adverts to film soundtracks and more, we can produce a radio jingle that's right for you.

Our Jingles


 We produce Personalised Radio Jingles and film soundtracks

Who We Are.

We are an experienced jingle producer, having written and recorded jingles for clients such as Dean Martin on Capital Gold Radio. We have appeared on Channel 4, ITV and the BBC, and have also written music for Eurovision finalists...

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Satisfaction Guaranteed.
custom radio jingles

After a free consultation, we get to work producing your radio jingle . We professionally mix and record with live instruments and send you the jingle to
check that you are happy. If it’s not yet the perfect fit, we go back to the drawing board, and make sure we produce all personalised radio jingles and film soundtracks
for you that are perfect for 
your project or business.